"Hold" Review

Winner released their pre-release single titled 'Hold' along with its music video on 3.26.20.

"Hold" (aka 뜸) was written by Winner member Mino and co-composed with RTee. The song is bright, cheerful, and relatively simple, written to be an easy listen. It is the perfectly light, suitable song that people might need at this time of high stress. It is about a guy's feeling for a girl who's skirting around the idea of dating or how one might feel seeing people around them dating. As expected from Mino, the song has an addictive main melody and is filled with witty lyrics with which listeners can enjoy interpreting.

The music video has a family sitcom concept, with retro aspects. The music video features AKMU's Suhyun as the four members' sister. The story starts off with the four brothers snooping around to figure out who Suhyun is texting. They try to steal her phone, look over her shoulder, and even hide in the fridge to sneak a look. After figuring out that she had been texting her boyfriend, the brothers annoyingly tease her as well as being overprotective and interfering with her date. The four members get involved with impersonating in the video as well with Mino acting as the housekeeper from the movie Parasite. The music video is filled with chaotic energy that delighted fans and other viewers alike. The video perfectly reflects the silliness and the care-free nature of the members' personalities. Even non-kpop fans can get a kick out of it. The cute choreography is simple and can be easily followed. The choreography also has a finger dance version which many are recreating online as the DDeum Challenge.

Hold is only the pre-release single. Winner is releasing their third full album on 4.9.20 titled "Remember". The album will have a completely different concept from "Hold'' or any other concept that Winner has experimented with. There is great expectation for this album as it will be the last comeback before the eldest member's mandatory enlistment. Stay tuned for "Remember" on April 9th! In the meantime, listen to "Hold" and watch its music video.