The Influence of Music

Do you listen to music? When was the last time you were in any way impacted emotionally by a song? Well, music largely can influence society. Being a musician and a person who enjoys listening to music, I am intrigued by the way that this art is able to captivate and sway people's emotions, leading to it impacting the society around them.

Today, music is incorporated into different daily activities from religious gatherings, celebrations, or just casual work. I listen to music all the time such as in school, when working out, and when at parties. Music sometimes is able to help motivate me or put me into a mood that makes any of my daily routine easier. There are so many ways to align a string of notes to make them sound different, and bring out different feelings when they are played. When I go to church for mass on Sundays, there is always a choir that always performs about five songs. Each song is to spread the ideology of the religion, and helps connect people with the power of a song. In this instance, the people that leave the mass influenced by these messages may share it with other people. The music people grow up listening to will very likely affect the way they act, talk, and think. People will find inspiration in the songs they hear and may aspire to talk they way the song is sung, act the way the song makes them feel, and think what the song may be about. In a way, music or its maker can sometimes be a role model for those who do not have one. This intrigues me because people can rely on something so much, they will be affecting not only themselves but the people around them. I do not feel the same when I have to listen to silence or the chatter of noisy crowds around me. I prefer to have a little confined world to myself, and the music I am listening to, to guide my emotions and thoughts. Musicians today may not realize the power they hold in their art when they make it. These singers and musicians will influence their beliefs onto the generation they present their music to. These people can change the world with a line of a song, and if they don’t spread messages that a safe to spread, it can be dangerous.

In our history, music from religious ceremonies was very influential. A man named Martin Luther King Jr. knew the impact he could make referencing different music from their church. When he would present his I Have a Dream speech, he used some songs that were sung in the church to motivate the people. The lyrics he chose from the song gave the strong messages he was conveying to his audience, and the music overall was the bridge that made his speech be felt emotionally by them. He used something they were very accustomed to, and made that into their motivation. As a result of his words and influence, he played an enormous role in the making of equality for the black people. In a way, these people will now look up to him when in doubt. In a way, when I am in doubt, I will listen to music and try to understand the musicians' message. I turn to them or my music teacher when I am in question because I know that they can help answer any questions I may have on the subject of music, and how the music they play affects the world around them.

In conclusion, an idea that truly still leaves me dumbfounded is music. The array of ways to make different notes make different emotions show in people is astounding. The impact of music is so very effective, and is now more influential than ever.