NHHS Royal Regiment Takes Us Back To Medieval Times

NHHS Royal Regiment performing at Hart Rampage.

North Hollywood High School’s marching band, the Royal Regiment, has had a busy season including summer band camp, 5th period band class, many after school practices, pep rallies, and football games. All of this leads to the most exciting parts of the season - the band competitions and concerts, which include Baldwin Park, the Halloween Concert, and Rampage.

Every year, the Royal Regiment prepares a new field show, written by Dylan Campbell, assistant band director. This year’s field show is called “Medieval Times,” which depicts the highs and lows of medieval life – the themes of the movements range from a May Day party to the Black Death. The theme is emphasized with unique visual and musical elements, such as a full-sized maypole and medieval bugles. The performers also help bring the theme to life, with the drum major dressed as a king, the drumline wearing armor, the dance team carrying swords, the whole band coughing in order to depict the Black Death, and one of the guitar players acting as a court jester and playing the mandolin. These elements make North Hollywood’s field show stand out in competitions and make it an entertaining crowd favorite.

The Baldwin Park High School tournament took place on October 19 and hosted a total of 20 bands. It was divided into two separate competitions – one for the smaller bands and one for the larger bands. North Hollywood competed in the 3A division (bands with 71-90 people), within the larger band competition, where they got 2nd place in band, 4th place in auxiliary (color guard/dance team), and 1st in percussion in the 3A division. They also got 3rd place in percussion out of all the larger bands.

On October 29, the Royal Regiment performed “Medieval Times” at North Hollywood’s second annual Halloween Concert. Other performers in the concert included the orchestra, indoor drumline, vocal ensemble, Korean drum ensemble, and various chamber groups and soloists. This concert was a festive affair, with performers and audience members encouraged to dress up in costumes. It showcased the diversity of the music program and the musical talent within the school.

The Hart Rampage tournament took place on November 2 at the College of the Canyons. Hart Rampage is one of the largest and most prestigious band competitions in Southern California, hosting 33 high-performing bands. The Royal Regiment also did well in this competition - they earned 4th place in band and 5th place in auxiliary in the 3A division.

All of these competitions were just preparation for the culmination of the season at the LAUSD City Championships, which will be held on November 23, 2019 at East Los Angeles College. Wish the Royal Regiment luck in defending their City Champion title in the final competition of the season!