From Graffiti to College Decals: Kennedy 2.0

Astute and inattentive observers alike have most likely noticed that the walls of Kennedy Hall - upstairs, downstairs, and along the stairwells - have been covered in scrawlings of an unusual nature. Unlike the usual graffiti that greets us when we return from a break, these drawings are professional and neat. In silver sharpie, volunteers have outlined polygons, students in graduation caps, and college symbols - all designs picked or approved by our principal, Mr. Rosales. Up the stairwell nearest to Frasher one can find all the symbols of the University of California schools (such as UC Los Angeles, UC Irvine, and UC Riverside); other stairwells sport schools like the University of Pennsylvania, Cornell, Dartmouth, and various Cal State schools.

Decoration began over Spring Break and was spotted by students on their way to feed Ms. Espinosa’s fish, housed in upper Kennedy, on Friday. A few individuals continued stenciling the designs in Upper Kennedy through the earlier part of this week. Highly Gifted Magnet Coordinator Mr. Bradbury has stated that volunteers will be continuing work on the extensive designs in earnest this Saturday. More specifically, Mr. Jay Gehringer reported that a few hundred volunteers will be descending on the school Saturday to paint in the drawn designs.

The paintings are part of a schoolwide beautification effort by the company Comcast, according to Ms. Underwood, an English teacher in upper Kennedy. The other component of Comcast’s effort is to clean the campus. For future updates to this story and other news at North Hollywood, stay tuned to Vector.

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