LACMA Acquires Rain Room for Permanent Collection

Long billed as an exclusive, temporary exposition, the Rain Room at LACMA, by art collective Random International, has now been permanently acquired, as of late January. No set dates have yet been given for its expected reopening.

The piece is simply a square room with a single, bright light and 528 gallons of circulating water falling from the ceiling, creating indoor rain.

As you slowly walk under the downpour, sensors detect your body, stopping the rainfall in that area, affording you safe passage through the wall of water.

The piece juxtaposes the outdoors in an industrial setting and demonstrates nature’s relationship to the human body.

Previously, reservations had to be made in advance to see the rain room. Whether or not that will continue remains to be seen.

LACMA is Los Angeles County's principal art museum, and highlights works from antiquity, classical genres, and contemporary works.