How to Score the Big Bucks!!!

If you are a student at North Hollwood Senior High, than you know all about Husky Bucks. A rewards system with semi-regular drawings, Husky Bucks are awarded to students who excel academically and embody North Hollywood values. If you go to North Hollywood, you may also know that most teachers don't actually hand out Husky Bucks, and quite frankly, most students don't really care. Often, Husky Buck end up being ignored, and even when one is actually awarded, it usually ends up in the bottom of someone's backpack. But what about the drawings?

There are actual prizes that can be won from a Husky Buck drawing. From a free lunch to a small gift card, there are actual tangible things being offered. With the small circulation of Husky Bucks, the odds of winning are very high. But how do you get a Husky Buck?

Back in the day, you could win a Husky Buck from Mr. Toy who handed them out to anyone who brought something in to class. With the retirement of Mr. Toy however, the Husky Buck game has become a lot more scarce. I went out on a mission to find some Husky Bucks. Here's what I found:

The best way to get a Husky Buck is to just ask. Even if you don't recieve a Husky Buck right away, teachers will know you're interested, and may award you with one in the future.