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Personal Finance 101

March 26, 2020

Effects of The Screen

December 16, 2019

The Influence of Music

December 16, 2019

The Dangers of Cell Phones

December 14, 2019

Vietnam: The Quickly Shift...

December 13, 2019

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December 10, 2018

Dear Hikmet,

How should I study for finals?

- Studious Stephanie

Dear Studious Stephanie,

Great question! Some of the HGM teachers’ finals are really intimidating, but really, none aren’t that bad.

I’ll start with Mr. Maine. Famously, if you get a higher grade on his final than your class...

September 20, 2017

Dear Hikmet,
Why is whale watching so important to you?
-Suspicious Sam

Dear Suspicious Sam,
What a great question! This is one I’d be happy to research and answer, as it seems that whale watching is most notorious among the HGM seniors. From what I’ve found, there’s apparently an ol...

June 1, 2017

Dear Hikmet, 

Was Vector originally supposed to be very left leaning, or will the team bring in more diverse opinions?
-Conservative Candace

Dear Conservative Candace,
Vector is a blog composed of student submissions. Any HGM student is welcome to submit an article to reflect their op...

May 17, 2017

Dear Hikmet, 

My problem is that I’m really cringy. I try not to, but I just find the words flowing out of my mouth. My friends and my classmates all tell me that I’m very cringy, and I get really embarrassed sometimes. I say stupid things, and then regret them a couple of seconds late...

April 30, 2017

Dear Hikmet,
Physics, as you know, is a fairly difficult course for most people. What advice do you have for the current sophomores taking the AP in a couple of weeks, and what advice do you have for future students?
Thank you,
-Unscientific Uther

Dear Unscientific Uther,
Great ques...

February 15, 2017

Dear Hikmet,

Because I talk a lot, some of my teachers immediately ignore what I have to say, even when it’s relevant. What should I do?

-Loquacious Linda

Dear Loquacious Linda,

It's great that you love to talk, and you shouldn't let anybody tell you otherwise, however if you do decide ta...

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March 26, 2020

Of all the classes North Hollywood High School has to offer, you might notice that personal finance is not one of them. Financial education is an essential skill, the absence of which can cause significant harm later in life. This guide will break down the most important areas of personal finance.


December 16, 2019

Looking at my younger brother glued to his Chromebook prompts me to write this, an article about kids on screens. Many parents don’t realize it, but their kids usually spend up to six hours on the screen per day. Usually, it’s a mix of educational videos and apps or playing video games and spending...

December 16, 2019

Do you listen to music? When was the last time you were in any way impacted emotionally by a song? Well, music largely can influence society. Being a musician and a person who enjoys listening to music, I am intrigued by the way that this art is able to captivate and sway people's emotions, leading...

December 14, 2019

Can you imagine living without your cell phone? Indeed, a lot of us would struggle without our phones. Especially in our generation, cell phones are one of the most valuable and useful inventions to exist. Not only do they make communication so much more efficient, but phones additionally provide us...

December 13, 2019

Vietnam: The Quickly Shifting Values and the War

    We all come from different cultures.  I happen to be mixed - half American, half Vietnamese.  I decided to write this essay about the Vietnamese side of my family from my mother.  Vietnam has some interesting history, but everything changed when th...

December 12, 2019

As our world advances, more technologies that benefit our everyday lives are developed, from the mundane motion sensor to artificial intelligence. In response to all of these technological advancements, places called intelligent cities have started to emerge. An intelligent city is a city that uses...

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